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Apr 2, 2021


A visionary. Thought leader. Entrepreneur. Trainer.

As a national speaker, I have traveled extensively to conduct continuing education courses on autism, with Cross Country Education, and present at local events and autism conferences.

That was the short version, but Here’s the full story….

Shortly after graduating, I made the decision to relocate from GA to VA as a new graduate in the field of occupational therapy. I had the wonderful opportunity to serve five schools in the district. It was the joy of my life.

But then…..I LOST it ALL!!!

I was able to practice, as a therapist, in the state of Virginia on a temporary license for the course of a year. As my assignment came to a close, I registered and took the board exam that I had been studying for.

The results revealed that I had failed my national boards exam. The very thing that I had struggled with my entire life, poor test taking, had once again in my life. As a result, I was no longer able to practice in my field. 

A college degree, one year of experience, and now unemployed! Therefore, I had to relocate back to GA and stay with my parents. No one would hire me. The reasons such as “I’m over qualified” became very old quickly. The only interview that profited me was a small school that was in need of a part-time, minimum wage worker. I was ashamed and miserable of being back in this place!

When Disappointment meets PURPOSE…

My new salary was now 75% less than I was used to making. My independence was now gone. A full-time job was replaced with part-time work.

It was in this LOW place in my life, that I absolutely hated, that I discovered a love for working with children with autism and behavioral problems.

This new love and passion led me on a path of writing books, training others, and conducting author workshops.