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Mar 16, 2014

Hey all,
After 10 years of trying, and numerous false starts, I have finally been able to compile my experiences on 9/11 in one complete text.  It is a bit long winded, but I knew of no other way to convey what I saw and did.  Over the last decade I have been called a 'hero' more times than I care to remember.  I recently came across a quote by a WWII vet that sums up my feelings on that assessment of me.  My bastardized version of it is that I was not a hero, but I did serve in the company of heroes.
I am sending this to you all of you to not only help keep the memories of 9/11 and those who made the ultimate sacrifice alive, but to also give you a glimpse into what has helped to shape into who I am now.  Perhaps for some of you it may help to explain a lot!  I have found over the years that by talking and being open about my experiences have helped me to bounce back from them in a way that I would not have been able to earlier in my life. 
I was very fortunate to have had the support system that I had in my wife, and a police peer organization (POPPA) with whom I volunteered pre-9/11.  That work allowed me to gain invaluable training which in turn allowed me to recognize the ill effects of my 9/11 experiences much sooner than I would have been able to otherwise.  If this email prods even one person to do the same then it will have been worth it.
If you are interested, please have a good read, and feel free to pass it along.  If not, then feel free to hit the delete button and accept my apologies for this email.  The only disclaimer that I would add is that these are the events as I saw them and as I remember them.  Some of you may be able to correct me on timelines or other details, but I think I still have enough of my marbles that I have remembered pretty accurately.
Thanks to all,