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Jan 15, 2021

Pastor Davon Hawkins - is a powerful voice in the Kingdom of God. He has a passion to help people understand that living life as a follower of Jesus Christ is about the relationship, not religion. 

His grandmother was instrumental in introducing him to Jesus and bringing him up in the church from a young age in his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA.  However, the lack of a father-figure, the enticement of the streets, and struggles of life drew him away from God. After trying to navigate life on his own terms through the murder of his brother and cousin, and the thoughts of suicide, he realized he couldn’t do it on his own. God answered the fervent prayers of his mother and grandmother when he found his way back to God. 

His mother offered him a safe place in Denver, Colorado to rebuild his life and rekindle his relationship with God. Because of his own trials, he has the heart to reach the millennials and introduce them to the love of Jesus.  

He became an ordained minister in 2018 and is the Associate Pastor of Rivers of Living Waters Fellowship in Centennial, CO where he ministers The Word of God alongside his mother, Pastor Monica Gilbert.

He worked as a Youth Probation Counselor for Allegheny County. Since then, God has called him into the world of entrepreneurship where he started his own company at the beginning of 2020.

He is a committed husband to his beautiful wife of 10 years; and a loving father to his two boys. 

He shares his favorite Bible verse with his brother, Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”