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God Stories Radio Podcasts

Thank you for listening. God Stories Radio's mission is to bring Hope and Comfort to the world, through the power of the Christian Testimony.

Jun 26, 2020

Process- What is it? We will discuss this with special guest Pastor Chris Tabone of Awaken Church, in Clermont Florida. We all go through it, and if we are honest, most of us could say it is our life. But what we find on the other side of process is sweeter than we could ever imagine. Let's find out.

Jun 19, 2020

Aubrie-Faith Amrhein - This is Fritz and Tina's daughter, and wow, what a story you are about to hear. If you have even a small doubt that God exists, just hang around and listen in. I promise it will be worth your time. Two organ transplant recipient on no anti-rejection meds. Explain that?

Jun 12, 2020

Christian Music - Wow, to say it has come along way would be a gross understatement. Starting with acoustic guitars, to mass choirs, to electronic instruments, it has evolved into a ministry language that rivals the world. Join Mike, Fritz, and Tina with special guest Mike Loman, as we unpack some musical history.

May 28, 2020

Angie- Having survived three abusive relationships, and a very strict childhood, Angie was faced with lots of decisions in her life. We applaud her, for even having the courage to come and share this amazing, very emotional story. All we can say is "someone or someone's needed to hear this"

May 21, 2020

The Battle- We are all in it, and to enlighten you further, we are so proud to have in the studio tonight, special guests, John Durham and Ray Flannery from "The Battle Podcast". Sit back and strap in for this one, as these guys pull no punches, on real life struggles, and how these struggles affect every man, and every...