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Thank you for listening. God Stories Radio's mission is to bring Hope and Comfort to the world, through the power of the Christian Testimony.

Jun 18, 2021

Tonight is Mikey and I are coming at you, after three weeks off from medical Mayhem! God is so good, and we are loud and proud tonight to be talking candidly about stuff going on. Love to all of you, who listen, support, and pray for GSR.

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May 21, 2021

Chris Tabone - First and foremost I'm a Lover of Jesus Christ. Second, I am a Father and Husband. Third, I am a Wesleyan-Methodist Youth Pastor Who Loves Jesus With All His Heart and strives to reflect that to the students God has entrusted to care. Also Lead Pastor of Awaken Clermont at FUMC.

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Apr 30, 2021

Tonight we welcome Tom to the show. I'm not going to write a descriptor for this as I don't have the words. All I can say is, stop what you are doing, and listen intently for the next 50 minutes. You won't be sorry, I promise you.

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Apr 9, 2021

Love is a fundamental force with tremendous power, but most of us don't know what it means. We struggle to understand the difference between modern-day love and the type of love that Jesus references in the Bible. This book provides a thorough analysis of biblical love, explaining how the Bible describes...

Apr 2, 2021


A visionary. Thought leader. Entrepreneur. Trainer.

As a national speaker, I have traveled extensively to conduct continuing education courses on autism, with Cross Country Education, and present at local events and autism conferences.

That was the short version,...